Wednesday, March 09, 2005

abit about that nite last week

Extreme, in depth details are scant here. Some of this will be expanded later, if memory returns.

I went out with the boys Saturday night. Things started late, as we got transfixed by the Giants game (though none of us wanted to watch it, we somehow couldn't pull away); though we did split and empty a bottle of Evan Williams while doing so. Paul had a show, and Phil had to get rest before doing community service, so it was a small outting regardless. We got to the U-Bar around 11. While it was busy, we took over the table of a friend who was on his way out, so timing was perfect. After a round of car bombs and rum&coke Ian wandered off. Dusty got things moving for us with two attractive young ladies--it turned out they were both young married mothers, yet their men were absent, unimportant to them and they were dressed for the hunt. After a time, and two more rounds of drinks, the four of us left, though we didn't go far: around the side of the building where we made out and did some above the clothes groping (my partner was shorter and blonde, had very undefined arms a job in speech therapy and no name, ok I'm sure she had a name, I just can't recall it). After ten or so minutes they got skittish and had to rush off without us. Ah well.

We went on to Duffy's, reconnected with Ian and were soon joined by Paul, his show completed. I had a beer, which was a mistake. Normally, regardless of my drunkenness, I tend to stay quite clear in my actions, regardless of buzz and deterioration of motor skills. When I mix hard liquor and beer, however, I tend to have drunks that get a bit more fugue like and difficult to remember; not impossible, but difficult--the details tend to blur. A cute, full-bodied asian girl bought me a drink, and then made me finish hers because she didn't like it once she had it.

At last call, she and I were ushered out by the bounders because our last drinks were empty; this is where I lost the boys because I think they still had drinks. The gentleman in me walked her (Julie, Judy?) home. Her apartment smelled like dog, though I never saw one, and her roommate was either not in or in bed. She gave me a blow job on her couch: sloppy, enthusiastic, unskilled and great regardless and then we fucked with her in reverse cowgirl. Afterwards we made out abit and I passed out on her couch. I woke up early and without a hangover (I very rarely get them, something I attribute to heavy water drinking as I booze it). Someone was nice enough to throw a sheet over my See Her Squirt while I was out, and she must have went on to her own bed to sleep. I'd lost a sock at some point and wasn't able to find it as I gathered my clothes and dressed. Availed myself of a glass of her water and took off for home.